Fix – SSH Error Bad file descriptor

If you are getting the error bad file descriptor while establishing remote connection to another server, it seems you have configuration error for you SSH server’s port.



Outgoing connections are blocked by firewall, or port is blocked for outgoing connections in firewall.

Quick Fix:

Add the PORT Number in outgoing enabled port list in firewall, for CSF you need to add it in TCP_IN and TCP_OUT ports list.

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Scan your web site for Malwares and Malicious scripts

I am going to describe the way that can be used to scan your web site for malwares and malicious scripts.

If your web site is black listed on some search engines and on virus scanners, if web browser is giving the malwares warning while visiting your web site.

Here is the solution, you can scan your whole web site online. It gives you 100% accurate results of scanning within seconds, Later you can remove those malware pages or codes from your web site.

Here is the URL:


If you are not able to remove the malwares/malicious codes from your web site, i can provide you professional services in affordable price.

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