How to call SOAP api from PHP

This tutorial explains calling of SOAP API with PHP code, there is also work around for the problems while accessing host URL.

This code is tested with PHP 5.6.x version and is working without any issue.

Create PHP file and paste following below code in it, save and you’re done.
In below code we are calling SMS SOAP API to send SMS’.
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Free Websites monitoring system

Websterz Web Solution has introduced free websites monitoring system, it is very powerful and simple monitoring tool which sends alert to your email address whenever your websites are out of reach.

Following basic features are included:

  • Unlimited web sites addition.
  • Get free email alert instantly.
  • Monitor http, smtp, mysql or any other port.
  • View recent logs of monitoring.
  • Add/Edit/Remove monitors.
  • 1 min interval for status check.
  • Simple but powerful monitoring system
  • User friendly and simple control panel.

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Change Host Name of Linux Red Hat or CentOS Permanently

Here is the short commands to change the host name of your linux Red Hat or CentOS 5 & 6 operating system, Follow the below steps:

  • Login to your server via SSH
  • Edit the file /etc/sysconfig/network by executing below command:
  • nano /etc/sysconfig/network
  • Find the host name line, usually written as :
  • Just change the host name and press:
  • CTRL + O and then press Enter

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Difference between XEN and OpenVZ servers

In this article i will discuss the major difference between XEN Based VPS and OpenVZ VPS, well they both are powerful and reliable containers but they are different to some extent. Below is the major differences of XEN and OpenVZ:

XEN Server:

XEN, a para-virtualisation platform that gives you much of the dedicated server behavior. You run own instance of Linus Kernel, You can load your own kernel modules. You have properly virtualised memory, IO and scheduler and its stable and predictable. The cost of XEN servers is higher than OpenVZ and it is more reliable than OpenVZ.


OpenVZ Servers:

OpenVZ, an operating system level virtualisation system that is just a thin layer on top of the underlying OS. Has lower overhead, which usually translates to better performance. It is reliable and low cost platform that is best for starters, how ever resources are shared among the other virtual servers created on a dedicated machine.

Above are the short description of the major difference of XEN and OpenVZ platforms.

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