Difference between XEN and OpenVZ servers

In this article i will discuss the major difference between XEN Based VPS and OpenVZ VPS, well they both are powerful and reliable containers but they are different to some extent. Below is the major differences of XEN and OpenVZ:

XEN Server:

XEN, a para-virtualisation platform that gives you much of the dedicated server behavior. You run own instance of Linus Kernel, You can load your own kernel modules. You have properly virtualised memory, IO and scheduler and its stable and predictable. The cost of XEN servers is higher than OpenVZ and it is more reliable than OpenVZ.


OpenVZ Servers:

OpenVZ, an operating system level virtualisation system that is just a thin layer on top of the underlying OS. Has lower overhead, which usually translates to better performance. It is reliable and low cost platform that is best for starters, how ever resources are shared among the other virtual servers created on a dedicated machine.

Above are the short description of the major difference of XEN and OpenVZ platforms.

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Difference Between Onshore and Offshore servers

In this post i will describe major differences between onshore and offshore servers and will tell you which best and suitable for hosting business. So lets start…

Offshore traditionally refers to small island jurisdictions, thus not on any country’s shore. These jurisdictions have limited infrastructure which results in increased latency, decreased throughput, higher cost, and vulnerability to DDoS attacks.

The theory is that if you’re offshore you can host content that you could not host elsewhere. This is mostly only true with online gaming where licensing countries require locally hosted content.

A couple of other key points:

  • The only content that is specifically illegal to host in the U.S. is child pornography. Any other restrictions are set by the provider, not by law.
  • Netherlands and other EU countries are not “offshore
  • The main benefit to providing offshore hosting is the ability to sell the perceived concept that having content outside the U.S. makes you “safer.”

What is best for hosting business:

In my opinion offshore server is best for web hosting business where your client or your reseller’s clients may host some not acceptable contents in US and might be against to US laws, in this situation you might get your server got suspended due to violating TOS of onshore server. On the other hand, on offshore location your server will not be suspended or terminated as server provide will only send you legal notices to remove the contents and if you do not take any action your IP will get banned instead of server suspension which may later you can unblock by removing and informing the server provider.

So offshore server is best choice for web hosting business 🙂

Initial setup of WHM/cPanel

cPanel/WHM configurations

cPanel/WHM configurations

In this post i am going to describe how to setup your whm/cPanel for the first time. Login to your whm/cPanel with root username and password by typing your ip address and port number in url bar of browser as stated below:


First Step:

On very first page you will see license agreement of cPanel/WHM just accept it.

  • Agreement: Accept the agreement.

2nd Step:

Here you are required to configure networking options for the WHM/cPanel.

  • Setup Networking: 
  • Hostname: In the server’s host name write your host name such as server1.yourdomain.com
  • Resolvers: Leave these options as they are, as they are configured automatically.

3rd Step:

Here you will see all available ip address and the actions that can be done on them.

  • Setup IP address: Leave these fields as they are. Skip this option Read More

Installing WHM/cPanel on dedicated server/vps | whm/cpanel trial

installing cpanel/WHM

installing cPanel/WHM

In this post i will discuss how to install WHM/cPanel trial version on dedicated server or onVPS, if your IP has not used cPanel/WHM before you will be eligible to use trial version of WHM/cPanel (30 days for dedicated server and 15 days for VPS) once your trial is over you need to license for it.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 512 MB minimum RAM
  • 10GB minimum Hard Disk
  • 2 GHZ minimum processor
  • 1 Public IP
  • Linux CentOS 5+/CentOS 6 Read More

Starting Web Hosting Business

Start web hosting business

Start web hosting business

In this post we will discuss about web hosting business, we will describe how you can start web hosting business, where to start, what would be the server’s specifications, where to lease server.

Well, first of all you should consider your business type whether it is small business or large business and what types of contents you will allow to host under your hosting accounts.

Now a days, every company is providing linux based web hosting that is much better than windows hosting and also needs low budget to start web hosting with linux OS.

Now lets start..

To start small business we consider 100 accounts on a VPS that wil be hosted on it. For this a server should have following specifications.

Server Specification:

  • A VPS (OpenVZ or XEN)
  • 1 GB Minimum RAM
  • 100 GB Minimum Hard disk
  • 1000 TB Bandwidth in some cases it can be 500 GB for low traffic web sites.
  • cPanel/WHM control panel
  • Fantastico or Softaculous
  • 2 IPs Minimum
  • CentOS 5+ Read More