Update fails or server cannot connect to repositories


Three days ago one of my client’s server ran into an issue, the server has opensuse operating system with Yast installed and webmin as hosting control panel.

The issue was, it could not able to connect to any repositories for update or to install any package either from the yast panel. I have searched alot on google and on opensuse forum but was not able to find any proper solution.

I got it solved by doing following on the server:

I came to know that the server’s reverse DNS entries are wrong and do not point to any physical server. So i changed them to openDNS resolver by following method:

Login to SSH with root details.

Open resolver file by:

nano /etc/resolv.conf

and insert the following IPs for nameservers:


Save the file by pressing CTRL + O and exit to the nano editor by CTRL + X


And you’re done, now your server can update their repositories.

Installing WebMin on the server

In this short tutorial i will describe how to install WebMin on the server, you must have fresh VPS or Dedicated server in order to install webmin.

What is a WebMin:

Webmin is a web based control panel that helps you to manage your server without accessing SSH, it gives complete web hosting features and component management including:

  • Apache (Web Server)
  • MySQL (Database Server)
  • PHP (Dynamic Language)
  • ProFTPD (FTP Server)
  • Exim (Mail Server)
  • Bind (DNS Server)

Installation From The Source:

These instructions are for CentOS and Fedora.

  • Login to your server by SSH with root access.
  • Run the following command:

# wget http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/webadmin/webmin-x.xxx-x.noarch.rpm

  • Where webmin-x.xxx-x.noarch.rpm is the source file you are downloading replace this with the proper and valid file name.
  • This will download the webmin’s latest version from sourceforge.
  • Now run the following command:
# rpm -ivh webmin-x.xxx0x.noarch.rpm
  • Where webmin-x.xxx.x.noarch.rpm is the file name you just downloaded.
  • You will be asked to provide some information during the installation, just provide the info that will be asked.
  • And you are done!
  • Now you can login to your webmin panel with root username and password from the following url:
Note: Webmin uses 10000 port number, you can modify it later.
Your feedback are always welcome.