DDOS attacks on XMLRPC.php (Fixed)

wordpressXMLRPC.php is php file included with wordpress installation, it allows posting of content remotely through supported web blogs to wordpress blog, it provide many other features as well having many pros and cons. As far as web site security is concerned XMLRPC.php file is famous among hackers and attackers.

Most of the wordpress blogs get hits by attackers on XMLRPC.php usually called DDOS attacks. During the attack XMLRPC.php gets many requests and that makes web site goes down with excessive usage of allocated resources. Some web hosting providers suspend those accounts for high resource usage issues. Read More

WordFence a must have plugin for wordpress

Now a days hackers are just focusing on wordpress web sites as they are lack of security measurements. I was also a victim of those hackers then i saw my friend named “Aaqil” who runs his own wordpress blog (http://eye44.com) has got a plugin named “Wordfence” his blog has also got hack and he recovered it by wordfence, however i have gone through all the manual work to restore my blog. It was really a pain to restore it manually and then i came to know all the operations i have done manually could also be done by wordfence within few clicks.

Then i installed wordfence plugin which enabled me to secure my wordpress blog to 90% it includes :

  • Firewall
  • Virus scanning
  • Realtime Traffic Monitoring
  • and much more

As a web hosting provider and a blog owner i would like to recommend this plugin as “A must have plugin“.

You can install it from the web plugin section of wordpress admin area, however if you wish to install it manually here is the URL : http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordfence/

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